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About Tree Tech Consulting

Tree Tech Consulting is all about diagnosing tree and landscape issues, landscape appraisal, tree-care management, and other related practices. We primarily provide arboricultural services to property owners and managers, businesses, and municipalities. We also serve legal and insurance clients, the tree-care profession, and anyone concerned about the care and treatment of trees. Commitment to quality is our goal. We strive to serve both trees and clients with the right solutions for health, safety, and long-term growth. We provide objective and scientific assessment of trees. Tree Tech Consulting was founded by Russell E. Carlson. He wanted to share industry knowledge with the public and other arborists worldwide and create a community and network in the process. He has worked for various clients throughout the United States. The experience he has gained along the way has been invaluable. Trees are good. They provide many benefits to people and the communities they live in. Trees need care. Proper long-term care is essential to maximize the benefits a tree has to offer and to minimize the risks they may present to people who live, work, and play near them. Tree Tech Consulting provides the public with scientific and educational information about the benefits of trees and how to properly care for trees in the urban environment. Our website contains resources from the International Society of Arboriculture and also provides a collection of reliable tree care information provided by other industry organizations. More and more communities are recognizing the tangible benefits that trees provide in the urban environment. Healthy trees reduce air and noise pollution, provide energy-saving shade and cooling, furnish habitat for wildlife, enhance aesthetics and property values, and are an important contributor to community image, pride, and quality of life. Furthermore, many communities have realized that in order to protect and enhance their valuable tree resources, it is useful to view and manage their trees as a cohesive urban forest. Tree ordinances are among the tools used by communities striving to attain a healthy, vigorous, and well-managed community forest. By themselves, however, tree ordinances cannot assure that the trees in and around our communities will be improved or even maintained. Tree ordinances simply provide the authorization and standards for management activities. If these activities are not integrated into an overall management strategy, problems are likely to arise. Without an overall strategy, management will be haphazard, inefficient, and ineffective, and the community forest will suffer. Knowledge of proper tree care helps tree owners and managers understand the quality of care necessary for the health of their trees. Trees sometimes fail. Property damage or personal injuries occur, and the causes of the failure must be investigated. A highly trained and experienced expert can help to sort out the causes of a tree failure, and whether it was predictable in advance. The expert many also be able to establish the value of trees that were damaged or removed.

Our Services

Risk Assessment and Hazardous Tree Inspections

Risk assessment and hazardous tree inspections are a vital element in arboriculture and urban forestry.

Litigation & Insurance Support

Litigation and Insurance support is a vital element in arboriculture and urban forestry.

Forensic Investigations and accident reconstruction

Forensic investigations and accident reconstruction are a vital element in arboriculture and urban forestry.

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