Legal Services and Litigation Support

Aside from tree care and management, Tree Tech Consulting offers legal services and litigation support to our clients. Reach out to us to learn more.

An Uprooted Tree Laying Across the House

Litigation and Insurance Support

Our litigation and insurance support services protect arborists and other professionals in this line of work. We assist our clients in dealing with ownership disputes, malpractice, and personal injury, and help them pay for the legal costs in the event of a lawsuit. We can also help in drafting specialized coverages, claims management, and more.

Equipment and Workers At Tree Removal Site

Expert Witness

An expert witness is a vital resource in arboriculture and urban forestry because it provides client support when tree-related issues are raised in court and there is a need for legal representation. Expert statements are used as evidence and are essential for deciding on a case.

Tree Fell on the Car

Forensic Investigations and Accident Reconstruction

We investigate tree-related incidents, including those resulting from poor practice, equipment malfunction, substandard work, and more. We assess the situation and identify its cause, ultimately avoiding similar occurrences from happening.