Landscape Appraisals in Bear, DE, & Beyond

It’s your property—you should know what it is worth. While most property owners can estimate how much their building is worth, they are often clueless about the value of their trees and the rest of their landscape. Tree Tech Consulting is here to give you the information you need. Contact us to schedule a landscape appraisal in Bear, DE, or the surrounding area. We also provide virtual consulting across North America.

What Are Landscape Appraisals?

A landscape appraisal is an evaluation and assessment of a property’s outdoor space that takes into consideration the condition of trees, shrubs, groundcover, and other plant life. Potential hazards and opportunities for improvement are also assessed.

There are several reasons why you may need a landscape appraisal. For one, they can be an essential tool for buyers and sellers in real estate transactions, as well as parties involved in legal challenges and insurance claims. The experts at Tree Tech Consulting are pleased to provide litigation and insurance support, such as expert testimony, damage assessments, and negotiation services.

In addition, these appraisals can help property owners identify diseased or damaged trees and other hazards which may pose a risk. Finally, they can be a proactive step in maintaining and preserving the health and beauty of a landscape, ensuring that it continues to thrive and add value to a property.