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About the Software

Tree Shadows predicts the position of a shadow, for any time and place. When the data is entered, the top and bottom positions of the shadow are calculated, along with shadow area and plotting coordinates. The application requires several parameters to work (see screenshots below). You first need to know the latitude and longitude of the location of the tree. The more accurate your coordinates, the more accurate the results. One-tenth degree accuracy is very good, although a difference of one or two degrees is not usually significant. Time zone is also needed.

Enter the data, and Tree Shadows will calculate and display the position of the top and bottom of the shadow, the length and width of the shadow, and the estimated area covered by the shadow.

Measurements of the tree include the height, branch spread, and the Live Crown Ratio, the percent of the canopy with live branches compared to the total height. In effect, this is the height of the lowest branches on the tree.

Tree Shadows will also determine where on a vertical wall the shadow will fall. To accomplish this, you need to know the distance from tree to wall, the direction the wall is running, and any slope of the ground between tree and wall. This can be very useful in predicting how much shade a tree offers to a nearby building.

Download and Purchase

Tree Shadows is shareware. It is available for a 30-day, unrestricted trial period, after which registration is required. Customers may choose to either download the program or for CD shipment by mail. You can purchase a license for Tree Shadows through Kagi. The Windows and Macintosh versions of Tree Shadows can be downloaded via the links below.

Order from Kagi Download Windows Version Download Macintosh Version

System Requirements


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If you have questions about using Tree Shadows (or any Tree Tech Solutions application), please check out the Solutions Support Forum at The Knothole.

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