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Report Support creates bibliographies and glossaries to include in consulting or other reports. One of the most tedious tasks in preparing a report is typing in all those bibliography references. With Report Support, you enter them once, and have them ready to use.

Creating glossaries is a snap with Report Support. It includes over 80 arboricultural terms and definitions, and you can add as many as you like, or change definitions. To create a glossary for a report, simply paste the entire report into Text Test screen, and Report Support will scan the text for terms from the definitions. In just seconds, your glossary terms are ready for export to be inserted in your report.

Download and Purchase

Report Support is shareware. Customers may choose to either download the program or have the CD shipped by mail (only for registered versions). You can purchase a license for Report Support through Kagi. The Windows and Macintosh versions of Report Support can be downloaded via the links below.

Order from Kagi Download Windows Version Download Macintosh Version

System Requirements


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If you have questions about using Report Support (or any Tree Tech Solutions application), please check out the Solutions Support Forum at The Knothole.

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