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Purchasing Tree Tech Solutions software online through Kagi

Kagi LogoPurchasing our software modules is easy and fast, with our online distributor, Kagi (pronounced kah-gee). Simply use the links provided to display the order page, and follow the directions to place your order. Kagi is a web-based reseller and distributor for software and other products. Fax, phone and mail orders can also be submitted through the Kagi store. Orders can be placed from most countries without currency exchange fees, if a valid credit card is used.

Payment online by credit card provides you with a fast approval, and any passcodes for the software will be sent with the email receipt, usually within hours or even minutes of payment. Be sure you keep this email receipt, regardless of the product you purchase. You may need that information, especially passcodes, if you have to reinstall the software.

VAT:  Purchasers in the European Union (EU) must pay the Value Added Tax (VAT) as specified by law.  Downloadable software purchased online wiill have the VAT added to the purchase price.  Orders for CD-ROM versions will not have the VAT added at the time of purchase; however, you will be charged the VAT by the delivery service.  Details are available on the Kagi web site.  Purchasers outside the EU will not be charged the VAT.

California Sales Tax:  California residents will be charged CA state sales tax on all purchases, including downloads and CD-ROM versions.  The tax will be added at the time of purchase.

For questions, comments or support for the software, please contact Tree Tech Consulting directly.

Phone Icon  Phone: (302) 832-1911
Fax Icon  Fax: (302) 836-1870
E-mail Icon  E-mail:

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