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Tree Tech Consulting has developed a series of software packages called Tree Tech Solutions. These are stand-alone database applications*, each dedicated to specific purposes. These packages and modules were first created to ease the handling and reporting of data at Tree Tech Consulting. On the urging of a few associates, we have packaged these modules into solutions that other arborists and consultants will find useful.

The concept is simple: collect all the data in one place, and handle it as little as possible. Let your computer do the work for you. In this era of ever expanding information, a way to quickly and easily manage your data is imprerative. These solutions will help you cut the time and effort involved in even the some of the most basic tasks, as well as the complex calculations such as tree appraisal. Intricate jobs can been done quickly, and usually with only a few keystrokes. Data entry is made simple, with built-in redundancies wherever it is helpful.

Powered by FileMaker Pro 5.5Above are listed the Tree Tech Solutions modules now available. More will be forthcoming soon, as they are completed. We welcome comments and suggestions on improving these packages or for new products to incorporate into our software line. If you have a particular job or service that you need or think others can use, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. And finally, please remember that we are an arboricultural consulting firm. We are experts on trees- but perhaps not as good at software development. You may find some bugs or glitches in the software, or simply something that doesn’t seem to be very intuitive. Please let us know, so we can fix it.

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* TTC Solutions are built with FileMaker Pro 5.5 database software.  It is not necessary to purchase or run FileMaker Pro software on your computer.  TTC Solutions modules are self-contained applications.

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