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<Vicky Widawski>
I am in the Atlanta, GA area. My friend gave me some pussywillow cuttings which are starting to root in a vase. I need to know where to plant them in my yard. Please help.
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<Mark Goodwin>
Reply to post by Vicky Widawski, on April 09, 2003 at 19:14:18:

The main considerations for choosing a planting site include answering several important questions:
What is the exact identity of the plant (useful for finding pertinent information about it)?
How big will the plant get?
Will you be pleased with this plant in its maturity?
What kind of space is available?
Are there any restrictions to the plant achieving its ultimate size (overhead, underground)?
How will the growth of this plant affect or be affected by other plants nearby (sun, shade, root competition)?
Will the plant function throughout the year in a pleasing and helpful way?
Will the plant add any maintenance problems to the site?
Can the plant be given all the supports it needs to do well at this site (water, drainage esp)?

The site linked below gives some information on size.
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Reply to post by Mark Goodwin, on April 09, 2003 at 19:14:18:

Lst time I rooted pussywillow cuttings I stuck them in next to a ditch near the driveway and they turned into one of the nicest plantings in the yard.
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