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Arboricultural Costs...
<Simon Valente>
Lets not kid ourselves, urban trees cost money.

Arboriculture, as seen through the eyes of those who pay for it, is a cost, and that cost is going up. Its all well and good talking about the benefits of trees, but you can't get away from the fact that urban trees are costing more and more money. (All contractors must understand this)

He or She who pays the bill is not always the one who has had all of the benefit(s) of the tree(s)

One of the problems is: we throw too much away.

One of the biggest costs in urban tree management is the removal of the tree at the end of it's "useful" life. I assume you have all had some experiance in the felling of at least 1 tree as part of your working lives, and will understand some of the costs involved.

Almost all of the trees growing in our urban environment will one day need to be felled in a controled manner, as it would be irrisponsible/negligent to allow them to just fall over when they wanted. Look around you when your on your travels, and see if you can pick out the trees that won't need specialist felling when the time comes.

All to often there has been no real thought to the end product of arboriculture. The material we already spend milloins of Pounds/Euros on each year, is often just disposed of as cheaply as possible.

We have got to close/join the circle, we've have got to move into/onto producing something more useful as our end product, even if it's "just" fuel to generate heat and electricity. (the co2 and "methane" will be released anyway)

We need to pay more attention to what trees can, and do give us as green, renewable resources. Otherwise, after all the time and effort we put into growing them, we will only end up with chip and tip fodder. (Which will only get more expensive) I don't like seeing trees end their lives this way.

How can we make better use of what we produce as arborists? How can we grow trees that will not only provide us with "amenity" value but a useful end-product as well?

Please think about it, and share your thoughts and ideas.

I for one would like to hear some of them.
Trees are for life, not just for christmas.
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