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Any known mechanism for filing a complaint?

I am faced with a situation about which I could use some advice, but it should soon become obvious why I have some trepidation about submitting this post here. Very briefly, I would like to file a formal complaint against an ISA Certified and ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist in Southern California. Strictly speaking, the issues revolve more around what I consider to be unprofessional work done in the evaluation of a tree (mine) rather than around ethics per se, but I don’t know where else to post. The resulting (mis)evaluation has cost me (and my wife) dearly in terms of unnecessary expenditures of money, time, and anxiety energy over the last 6 months.

Please read on a bit before dismissing me as an outsider know-nothing doofus—as the lawyers say, I have done some due diligence. Although I am a scientist working in areas of research that have little to do with these wonderful forums, in recent weeks among other things I have: (1) intensively lurked the Knothole Forums and read/studied hundreds of posts; (2) become somewhat expert in the contents of the “bible”, the Guide for Plant Appraisal, Ninth Edition, (and its pros and cons); (3) learned of the existence of the ASCA’s SPP (but haven’t yet bought a copy); (4) consulted with other outside expert Consulting Arborists about my case; (5) had an extended telephone conversation with the Executive Director of the ASCA over the lack of a formal complaint mechanism; and (6) thanks again to the Knothole, circa year 2000 (esp. Torrey Young, member SPP Task Force), learned why there seems to be no such complaint mechanism available. I also learned that neither the local BBB (e.g., my car mechanic didn’t overcharge me for an unnecessary repair), nor my County Department of Consumer Affairs (my case did not “involve the purchase of goods or services for personal use”), want to deal with such a complaint.

It would take pages to describe my “case”, and this is no doubt not the place to do so. In summary, the tree in question was—and still is—causing serious damage to my house and its foundation. Let me just say that the Arborist’s final Evaluation Report submitted to my city’s Planning Commission contained provably false conclusions arrived at by bizarre leaps of logic not supported by the evidence.

Other than pursuing a lawsuit, does anyone have any thoughts?

I will now risk the appearance of “sucking up” (I’m not). The degree of knowledge and expertise dispensed by folks who contribute to these forums is incredible. I am especially in awe of the amount of time, energy, and information offered up by many of the long-time contributors like Scott Cullen, Russ Carlson, and others who have contributed greatly over the years! Even though I am a complete outsider to your field(s), I have learned so much over the last few weeks from the diverse, thoughtful, and well-written posts contained in these forums. I actually don’t feel much like an “alien” anymore.

Ph.D. mathematics and physics, UCLA (Go Bruins!)
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