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NEW Tree Shadows 50 software
<Russ Carlson>
Tree Shadows 5.0
Shadow Locator Software

Tree Shadows 5.0 is a software solution that predicts the position of a shadow on the ground or on a nearby wall or structure. Use it to determine the shadows of existing trees, or to predict shadows for design projects.

When key information is entered about the location and size of the tree, Tree Shadows 5.0 will calculate the position of the top and bottom of the shadow, the length and width of the shadow, and the estimated area covered by the shadow.

Tree Shadows 5.0 will also determine where on a vertical wall the shadow will fall. To accomplish this, you need to know the distance from tree to wall, the direction the wall is running, and any slope of the ground between tree and wall. This can be very useful in predicting how much shade a tree offers to a nearby building.

Measurements of the tree include the height, branch spread, and the Live Crown Ratio, the percent of the canopy with live branches compared to the total height.

Tree Shadows 5.0 now includes a solar ephemeris to predict the location of the sun in the sky for any time and date, and any location on earth. Multiple times and dates can be entered for each tree location, so a progression of shadow positions can be calculated.

Demonstration available! Tree Shadows 5.0 can be run in fully functional demonstration mode for 30 days, allowing the user to try the application before purchase.

The installer files contain the Tree Shadows 5.0 application, User Manual and Read Me file. The files can be downloaded at the sites listed below. [Tree Shadows 5.0 is not available on CD-ROM at this time.] --for Windows 95, 98, 2000 & NT --for Macintosh OS 8.6 to 9.2 Shadows Manual.pdf --also included in the full installer packages

Tree Shadows 5.0 is available for single-user licensing for US$50. Site licenses for five or more computers are available on request.

Tree Shadows 5.0 © 2001 Tree Tech Consulting

114 Grand Canyon Court
Bear, DE 19701
302.832.1911 office
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<Caroline Brown>
Reply to post by Russ Carlson, on February 13, 2002 at 00:38:04:

I would like information on the "Chestnut-leaved Oak" Quercus castaneafolia.
Growth expectations for Southern California where our oaks are drought-tollerent and evergreen and also, whether or not there would be a serious expectation of hybridization with a threathened Southern California oak species: Quercus engelmannii--and other oak species:
Q. agrifolia, Q. dumosa, Q. berberidifolia and Q. crysolepsis.
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