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HELP County is widening road and taking our SHADE TREES
<M Maze>
I am seeking guidance and information. Mr. Ron Curtis from the NNGA gave me this e-mail address and said that possibly someone could provide me with information as how to come up with an accurate and fair compensation dollar amount for our 5 trees and 22 shrubs
that are being taken from us due to our street being widened by The Harris County Toll Road Authority.
Any information and guidance you can give to us will be GREATLY appreciated!!!

My husband and I live in Spring, Texas. We live in the home that my husband's grandfather and grandmother built 43 years ago and it is on a one acre tract.

Our home is located on a two-lane street (currently is only 45 ft. wide) on the outskirts of Harris County, in Spring, Texas. While the home was being built, my husband's grandfather planted 12 Pecan trees all around the home, as well as an Eastern Red Cedar Tree in the front yard.

The reason for my e-mail to you is:

The Harris County Toll Road Authority of Texas is constructing on/off ramps from the Hardy Toll Road onto Riley Fuzzel Road and they are also and widening the existing two-lane road into a four lane road with a continuous turning lane in the middle. It will be going from 45 feet wide to 160 feet wide.

They are taking approximately 7,000 square feet of front yard that is located along the Riley Fuzzel Road. They are cutting down five (5) trees that are approximately 43 years old and all five of these trees are located in our front yard and are all within a distance of 30 to 50 feet from the front and sides of our home
(the front of our home faces south) and all of the trees range between 38' to 45' tall. There are three Pecan trees, one Eastern Red Cedar tree and one Chinese Tallow tree,and twenty-two Red Tip Photinia bushes ranging in height between seven and eight feet tall.

Not only do the three pecan trees produce a wealth of pecans every year, but all five trees provide constant shade over our home throughout the entire day, which helps tremendously in the summer keeping our summer and winter energy bills at a very low cost, as well as aiding in blocking winter winds and road noise from the Hardy Toll Road, which happens to be located about 200 feet to the East of our home. The bushes were also planted for the purpose of blocking road noise from the Hardy Toll Road and
also to aide in blocking winter winds.

Of course, they say they will pay us for our land, but I feel they should also compensate us for the trees!!! There is no way we could go out and purchase replacement trees and plant them to take their place.

How do you put a price on something like that? Any help you can give me
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Fred R. Maze, III and Mechelle G. Maze
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Reply to post by M Maze, on September 03, 2002 at 11:33:42:

Appraising trees lost to condemnation is commonly done. Go to or call 301-947-0487 for referrals to someone skilled in appraising.

consider also moving these plants. The photinia should be easy to move to a place where they will screen the traffic.

Trees older than 43 have been successfully moved. The transportation dept has backhoes and cranes, the tools needed for such a project.
My advice is to be as adamant as possible about not losing your trees, or being FULLY compensated if they indeed must be lost. Also keep in mind your uncondemned real estate will be worth less as a result of this road work.

If you don't know how to be nasty, I advise you to pay someone who will be nasty on your behalf.
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