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removal costs?
can somebody please tell me how much an average tree costs to remove...example: 60yr old douglas fir, with minimal complications without the stump removed? any information or witness accounts would be extremely appreciated...
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<Scott Cullen>
Not to be cute, but that's like asking "how long is a piece of string." Or "how much does it cost to paint a house/"

The variable include size, difficulty, access, as well as supply and demand. There will aslo be d differences between properly insured contractors and moonlighting type operators.

Since you are asking this in the context of a valuation, I think you need more than a rule of thumb guess which is not much use in any case.

Get real estimates from real contractors. Some may charge for that estimate and that cost should become part of the cost of the valuation.

Scott Cullen

BTW Russ we're back to that un-readable character set in my repluy window.
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i guess thats why i wrote average, but youre right, thanks for the reply....
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