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Digital Pictures
<Scott Diffenderfer>
Is it necessary to provide a disclaimer in a
report that includes digital pictures? I
always take regular photos for my clint file
but I like the convenience of the digital

I'm just concerned about the procedure and what
others have done or think.

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<Scott Cullen>
Reply to post by Scott Diffenderfer, on August 05, 1999 at 21:00:15:

Good question Scott. Seems like there are two (2) issues.

1) Professional/Ethical DISCLAIMER. "I've used digital media and I do solemnly swear I haven't altered the images."

2) Forensic DISCLOSURE. I understand that good practice carefully lists the nature of all methodologies including photographic film type and speed, lens, f-stop and shutter speed, etc.

I haven't made the change to digital yet so haven't had to deal with that. As far as the regular photo stuff is concerned little of my work is court work so I don't usually include all that info, photos are more for convenience and illustration.

I guess the nature of the assignment and the use of the report would vary what you record, disclose and disclaim.
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<Russ Carlson>
Reply to post by Scott Diffenderfer, on August 05, 1999 at 21:00:15:

What Scott said.

You might want to say something to the effect that "no alterations have been made beyond color and contrast correction", if that is the case. It lets you mess with the appearance of the photo without adding or deleting the stuff. This is probably a footnote or endnote entry.
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