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Were you at the Conference
<Russ Carlson>
Just a show of hands, please.

If you were at the ASCA Conference in San Antonio, post a reply here. What did you think of the program? What were the best parts, and the not-quite-the-best parts?
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<Torrey Young>
Reply to post by Russ Carlson, on October 05, 1999 at 00:02:33:

Yeah.... (as you know) I was there! Really enjoyed a great conference... good speakers, good company... didn't see much of San Antonia though!

I particularly enjoyed the Expert Witness session... the spearker was very good and his information very relevant to our work.

But by far... I enjoyed David Stahle the most! He was very personable, and found his field and information fascinating! Dendrochronology... really gets to the "core" of the role of trees on our planet!

Case capsule are always interesting...

My thanks to all involved for all their hard work and to those who attended for their inspiring companionship!

For those that missed it... don't make that mistake again!

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<Ken Six>
Reply to post by Torrey Young, on October 05, 1999 at 00:02:33:

The conference was great! Ditto on everything that Torrey said! What I also liked was the informal talking and getting to know other Registered Consulting Arborists from all over the country. I am really excited now about going to the academy in Napa! If your new to ASCA as I am you can receive a wealth of information given freely just standing around the coffee bar or eating breakfast. Ken
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<Scott Cullen>
Reply to post by Ken Six, on October 06, 1999 at 22:22:40:

Look forward to seeing you in Napa Ken. The general readership should be aware that both the ASCA Conference and Academy are open to non-members. They are a great introduction to ASCA if you think you might have an interest in membership. They are great information and networking sources period.

One word of explanation about the Academy for others who might be interested It is not a typical conference, it's not about selecting the session that interests you and skipping another to chat with a friend. It is not about trees. It is a very structured and intensive curriculum designed to provide a strong basis for consulting activities. It is WORK. Virtually all the feedback we've had is that it's very worthwhile work. You'll have an assignment before the Academy and another one after it. You'll have some reading to do ahead of time as well. Come prepared for that and you'll have a very rewarding experience.
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