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Ancient Wisteria Care (partial rotten truck)
Hi everyone,

We moved into an old Suffolk (UK) cottage last year with a fantastic ancient wisteria growing up it. The trunk is over a metre in circumference at the base so heaven knows how old it is.

Anyway, overall it is very healthy but a large section of the main trunk is very soft, dry and rotten (dry rot underneath the thin bark). The rotten area is pretty large but doesn't affect the stability (or the health) of the tree.

Should I just leave this rotten area or cut the area away from the trunk. I'm erring on the side of leaving it but I don't want to hurt or damage a fantastic tree and want it to last another 100 years or so...

Any advice greatfully received... if you think I should upload an image of the tree I can if requested.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Dan,
I think my wisteria might have the same problem. Did you identify what is happening with yours and what to do? I would appreaciate hearing any advice you had.
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I live in Auckland, New Zealand but I am originally from Suffolk and I can picture the wisteria vine you are describing. I am not an expert in wisteria but removal of rotting material from woody plants is not recommended in this day and age, as normal practice. Check out for care. If the roots have been damaged by building works pay particular attention to the watering in summer part (the stem may be exudating fluid that is being colonised by bacteria or fungus or dead roots may have caused stem die-back). It does not say but from memory they enjoy slightly acidic soils, so ericaceous compost may be the go for mulch, but check this first. Also from memory sometimes pockets of decayed material that have already been 'walled' off from the living tissue reach the stage and moisture content where very visual and messy fungus start to colonise it, this should not have any effect on the plant. The main thing is to keep an eye on the vigour of the plant and particularly the size colour and numbers of the leaves. Take a tour around Suffolk to look at other wisterias to compare.
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