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can anyone please help me, I have about 8 trees that overshadow my house. i was told they are sycamores, they are about 23metres tall and stand on the banking behind my house, which is a shear drop of about 3metres, so from the ground they tower the house by 33metres aprox. they are leaning at an angle straight over my roof. can anyone tell me what sort of price I should be looking at? just some sort of starting point on the price would help, and is this a specialist sort of job? my neighbour has said he would do it with ladders.

Thanks, any info would be appreciated
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DO NOT let your neighbor touch your trees. He could get hurt (I don’t know what your local laws might say about liability for people injured on your property), and you could sustain a lot of damage of something went awry.

Contact a local ISA Certified Arborist (Certified Arborists)) for help on this.

If the trees are sycamore, they might be just fine where they are. Sycamores are a very strong and sturdy tree. However, you should have them professionally inspected to be sure they don’t pose a risk to your house.

How long has the ‘shear drop’ been there? Was it cut out in the past 10 or 15 years, or was the land always like that? If the ground was cut away, there could be a potential problem, as roots might be severed and decayed.

Russ Carlson, RCA, BCMA
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Hi Russ
the banking was cut away 5yrs ago, the trees stand in a line at 7metres from the edge of it and you can see where they have cut back to 6metres and then back filled to the wall. I will take you advice and NOT LET MY NEIGHBOUR touch them. the trees have a lot of deadwood in them but look healthy in the leaves.
Thanks for the advice
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