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cutting down of trees in my community
I live in Indianapolis in a very mature community. I came home last week to find that the board made some incredible decision to cut down over 200 trees in our community without anyone's knowledge. The reasoning behind this was because they said the trees were growing into siding (not true in all case and I have seen none), that the leaves were upsetting the condo owners because they were tracking the leaves in their home and staining carpet..are you kidding me? These are the lame excuses I recieved and now they are saying they are not going to replace these beautiful trees...What are my options on what to do... I don't know where to begin, but I am very angry and am willing to get petition signed this doesn't happen again and so they replace all these trees...I need some advise..
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The only recommendation I can make for this situation is to convince your board that the community does not want this. Try to find out why they made this decision-beyond the surface excuses. If you’re really serious, you could go the legal route and talk to a lawyer. This is not really a tree issue, it‘s a community issue.

Russ Carlson, RCA, BCMA
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Hi Carolyn,

I think the approach here needs to be from an Eco-friendly perspective showing that communities with mature trees are more valuable to the people and the environment. A petition to have each tree analyzed as to the need for pruning or replacement would be a good place to start. I would recommend that articles about the value of trees would be most helpful here too. Here's an article from about the value of trees to a community.

More sites to support not removing trees and their value to a community. The second link has several helpful sites you can go to for more info about the value of trees to a community.

Leaf removal in the fall might be alot less expensive then cutting them down. It would also save the carpets of the lazy folks who don't sweep outside their front door.

Also consider a google search with terms like:
benefits of trees
value of trees


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