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Ficus Natida Seedlings
<Phil In Az>
"Hey" - from a newbie!

I have a question regarding planting trees. I don't mean going to the local nursery, buying a tree in a box, bringing it home and planting it, I mean planting a seed(s) from an existing tree in my back yard.

Specifically - i hafe a Ficus (Indian Fig) which i have picked off 5 ripe seeds and planted them in cups in an effort to try and grow them.

Am i going about this the right way? Or do i need to start w/ a root or something.

I'm totally a newbie at this so ANY info is very much appreciatede.

-phil in az
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<Phil In Az>
not the most livliest of places is this.
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Unfortunately, Phil, it is not as active a forum as it used to be, or as I would like. The Knothole was one of the earliest online arboricultural forums, started over 9 years ago. In recent years, many arborists communicate via email listservers, and don’t visit the online sites as much.

For my part, I don’t feel very well qualified to answer your question. I’m based in Delaware, and have little experience with trees of the southwest or with Ficus species.

In general, if you can get the seeds to sprout in small pots or cups, allow them to grow until they are almost pot bound. In other words, until the roots mostly fill the pot. At this time, they should be transplanted, either to a larger pot or to the landscape. The timing of the initial potting and the transplanting are usually the keys to success.

By understanding the natural life cycle of the species you may get some clues as to when it is best to plant the seeds and any other treatments that might be helpful. Have you tried some online searches for the species name? You also might try contacting an arboretum in the southwest, to see if they can help you find information.

My very brief search indicates that this species is usually propagated from cuttings. This involves taking cuttings of new growth, potting them and waiting for new roots to develop. Hormone treatments often help with rooting. I don’t have the details on when or the specific treatments, but this might get you started.

Sorry I can’t be of more help on this.

Russ Carlson, RCA, BCMA
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that's ok, i appreciate your input. it does help.

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