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Tree Wells
<Ellis Allen>
Hi: I am looking for specifications on installing tree wells when backfilling trees. Does anyone know of a source either on line or in print where I could obtain written specs.


Ellis Allen
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<Bob Underwood>
Reply to post by Ellis Allen, on December 01, 2001 at 15:25:26:

My opinion, after 34 years of observation, is to redesign the landscape so that there is no fill over the roots, at least to the dripline of the tree, preferably beyond.
If you want a level lawn, forget the tree, put it out of its misery early on. I teach both turf management and arboriculture and am still of the opinion that trees and turf do not like each other too much. If the tree is not worth as much as a stand of grass that can be regrown in 2 months if it fails, then it is not worth keeping.
As I said, my opinion, and getting stronger by the day.

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