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Cover ImageFungal Strategies of Wood Decay in Trees

by Francis W. M. R. Schwarze, Julia Engels, C. Mattheck

Starts with a review of wood anatomy and fungal pathology of brown, white and soft rots. Fungus-Host relationships are explored, with a detailed discussion of tree compartmentalization and resistance to decay. Well illustrated with microphotographs. (See Review [PDF file, 13 KB])

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Cover ImageDictionary of Natural Resource Management

by Julian Dunster, Katherine Dunster

A comprehensive reference of natural resource terminology. With over 6,000 cross-referenced entries, it is a complete source of definitions and meanings. Includes illustrations and appendices for organism classifications, conversion tables, and geologic time lines.

cover- ID WoodIdentifying Wood; Accurate Results with Simple Tools

by R. Bruce Hoadley

An introduction to the identification of wood based on gross, macro and micro characteristics. A great resource for arborists who need to identify a species based only on wood samples. This book describes the systematic methods, techniques and tools needed to make an accurate identification, and includes numerous photographs and descriptions of wood anatomy. Over 180 species described.

Cover- WoodTechTextbook of Wood Technology: Structure, Identification, Properties, and Uses of the Commercial Woods of the United States and Canada

by A.J. Panshin, Carl de Zeeuw

Starts with a review of wood anatomy and fungal pathology of brown, white and soft rots. Fungus-Host relationships are explored, with a detailed discussion of tree compartmentalization and resistance to decay. Well illustrated with microphotographs.

Cover ImageArboriculture: Integrated Management of Landscape Trees, Shrubs, and Vines

by James R. Clark, Nelda P. Matheny, Richard Wilson Harris

The brand-new fourth edition of one of the best books for arboriculture. A thorough treatment of all aspects of tree care, well-organized, easy-to-read, and comprehensive in scope. It includes current techniques and theories in understandable language. This book belongs on every arborist's bookshelf. Order your copy now!

Cover ImageInsects That Feed on Trees and Shrubs

by Warren T. Johnson, Howard H. Lyon (Photographer)

This guide is one of the premier resources for the practicing arborist. It contains a broad range of information on insects and other related pests of landscape plants in North America. Color photographs of many of the pests, along with clear and informative descriptions of the pests and their life cycles, help the reader identify and understand the insects found in the landscape. If you take care of trees, you need this book.

Cover ImageDiseases of Trees and Shrubs

by Wayne A. Sinclair, Howard H. Lyon (Photographer), Warren T. Johnson (Photographer)

The perfect companion for Insects that Feed on Trees and Shrubs, this reference describes and depicts many common (and some not-so-common) diseases of the landscape. The large page format and copius photographs provide detail to accompany the text descriptions. Put this on your desk, and learn more about the diseases found on trees and shrubs.

Cover ImageUrban Soil in Landscape Design

by Phillip J. Craul

Dr. Craul presents a wealth of information on the fundamental properties of soils, and how they are affected under urban landscape conditions. Includes the physical, chemical and biological characterisitics of soil; soil classification, inventories and mapping; urban soil properties; problems and solutions to many of the more common urban soils; and methods of ameliorating compaction and other drainage problems. Contains over 150 illustrations. A must-have for anyone interested in the soils trees live in.

Cover ImageField and Laboratory Guide to Tree Pathology

by Robert O. Blanchard and Terry A. Tattar

This book is written as a student laboratory guide. It covers some basic lab techniques for collection preparation and preservation of plant and disease samples. It also provides detailed information about selected common tree diseases, including symptomology and etiology, and some general recommendations. This is the second edition, 1997.

Cover ImageModern Arboriculture: A Systems Approach to the Care of Trees and Their Associates

by Alex L. Shigo

Dr. Shigo, known to many arborists as the father of modern arboriculture, reviews many of his concepts, ideas and theories in this book. He presents the basics behind the mysteries of how trees grow, how they respond to their environment, and how our activities affect them. Old myths are debunked, and new practices suggested to help trees survive. Every arborist should read this book.

Cover ImagePirone's Tree Maintenance, 7th Edition:

by John Richard Hartman, Thomas P. Pirone, Mary Ann Sall

Still a classic! Newly issued in 2000 as the Seventh Edition, this book covers arboriculture from roots to nuts.

Cover ImageManual of Woody Landscape Plants: Their Identification,Ornamental Characteristics, Culture, Propagation and Uses

by Michael A. Dirr

One of the best sources of plant characteristics for the arborist and nurseryman. This edition continues to expand the wealth of knowledge about trees, and is packaged in an easy-to-use format.

Cover ImagePlants That Merit Attention: Trees (Vol 1)

Plants That Merit Attention: Shrubs (Vol 2)

by Garden Club of America, Nancy Peterson Brewster (Editor), J A Poor, Janet Meakin Poor

An exellent resource for common and unusual landscape plants. The characteristics of each tree or shrub is described, cultural requirements stated, and its uses noted. Full color photographs supplement the text. Some nursery sources are cited in the appendix.

Cover ImageThe Tropical Look : An Encyclopedia of Dramatic Landscape Plants

by Robert Lee Riffle

Get Tropical with this great reference! A fantastic review of tropical plants in North America. A useful tool for identification, planning and design, and care of palms and other tropicals. One of the foremost experts on tropical plants, Mr. Riffle shares his expertise with his readers.

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